Tranche 6 of EFS Wider now open

DAERA Minister has announced that Tranche 6 of the Wider Level of the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) is now open for applications from 30 August until 23 September.

Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Poots

Making his announcement, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Poots said: “We now have over 5,500 EFS agreements in place across Northern Ireland and it’s been such a tremendous success. Having seen much of the good work undertaken by farmers in this scheme I would commend it to all farmers in Northern Ireland for consideration.  Much can be achieved where even a little is done by many.’’

He added: “EFS Wider Level will be available to most farmers as it applies to land outside areas of environmental designations and they can apply at DAERA online services. Farmers have just over three weeks to apply so I would encourage all our farmers to consider this scheme and get their applications in well in advance of the closing date of 23 September.”

Applicants use the online system to choose which scheme options best suit their needs. Although most of the scheme works must be completed in the first year, EFS Wider is a 5-year scheme which seeks to establish and enhance biodiversity and water quality. 

If you had a previous EFS Wider Tranche 1 agreement and you wish to apply again, it is important to note that options previously established cannot be claimed for, or applied for again in the same location, in Tranche 6.

There are no plans at this time for further EFS Wider tranches.

More information on the EFS.

Access to DAERA Online Services is needed to apply for the scheme. For further information or advice please telephone 0300 200 7848 or email

Notes to editors: 

  1. EFS Tranche 6 agreements will start on 1 January 2023 and run for five years to 31 December 2027.
  2. Over 5,500 EFS agreements are in place after five tranches.
  3. Those who entered Tranche 1 of EFS Wider can undertake further works by re-applying for a new scheme. Agreements will not automatically renew.
  4. Not all of the original suite of Options and NPIs remain available. Some have been withdrawn at various points along the last 5 years as their uptake targets have been met or, in some cases, where compliance issues have proved difficult.
  5. Some amendments have been made to the scheme for Tranche 6. The payment rate for ‘Stock-Proof Fencing’ (SPF) and some of the Options which include a stock proof fence have been enhanced. Payment for SPF for Tranche 6 will be £6.90/metre.   
  6. The Environmental Farming Scheme is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).