Reminder of Derogation Closure

ACA (NI) are reminding farmers who are operating up to the Nitrogen Loading limit of 250 kg N/ha/year that the deadline to submit their fertilisation accounts and apply for derogation in 2022 is midnight on the 1st of March

Those not in derogation but had to export slurry or FYM in 2021 should considering applying for derogation this year. Again, an application should be submitted before midnight on the 1st of March

Speak to your ACA (NI) agent and they will guide you through the regulations for operating under derogation.

Farmers should utilise their own slurry rather than exporting it to ensure they are under the 170 kg/N/ha/year. Slurry is a valuable fertiliser and with the predicted higher price of chemical fertiliser this year it is common sense to keep it and work under derogation. This will reduce the reliance on imported expensive chemical fertilisers.